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Our mission is to deliver the best "QES" (Quality Enterprise Solutions) to our clients in Slovakia and all around the world. This include all phases of software development cycle, from business analysis, through design, development itself, testing, integration, maintenance and support.

We offer different kinds of cooperation and we adjust the development process to suit our clients' needs as much as possible. Whether you have just an unclear vision of what you want, or you like to control the smallest bits of your project, we are ready to comply.

Software development

Custom software development, information systems, web applications, client - server software, mobile applications. Software development

IT Sourcing / Personal leasing

We specialize in providing IT Sourcing, personal leasing and securing human resources for top IT technologies. IT Sourcing / Personal leasing

Careers / open contracts

We are always looking for talented and skilled professionals for our in-house and external IT projects Careers / open contracts